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Picture of 360 S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum + Mop Combo Robot (360RCS9USA)

360 S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum + Mop Combo Robot (360RCS9USA)

EASIEST CLEAN YOU'VE EVER HAD: The 360 S9 Robot Vacuum features a powerful 5-stage cleaner technology for unparalleled cleaning efficiency. Including the RF Omnidirectional Remote Control and the 360Robot App for easy direction and control, enhanced AI mapping technology and anti-collision sensors, the S9 vacuum will even reverse the brushes to free itself if something ever gets stuck in them, guaranteeing you the most hands-free cleaning experience you've ever had! | THE SMARTEST VACUUM AROUND: Equipped with LiDAR Navigation for a full 360-degree view and SLAM Algorithm, the S9 Robot Vacuum intelligently detects walls, doorways, furniture, and other obstacles to create an accurate floor map and determine the most efficient cleaning path for your unique home. Sit back and watch your 360 S9 Robot Vacuum show you why it's the smartest vac around! | INTELLIGENT ANTI-COLLISION TECHNOLOGY: The Ultrasonic Anti-Collision Sensor provides the S9 Robot Vacuum with a robust obstacle detection system, meaning that you never have to worry about collision damage to your furniture! Your 360 will automatically slow down when approaching obstacles and identifies objects it can pass through, such as curtains and bed sheets, to ensure you get a complete clean. | MOP AND SWEEP TOGETHER: The S9 vacuum offers you the choice of sweeping, mopping, or both at the same time! The intelligent water tank features Low, Middle, and High settings to adjust the water flow through the mop pad. Knock out your mopping and vacuuming all at once -- but let your vacuum do it for you! | USER-FRIENDLY MOBILE APP: Use the 360Robot mobile app to give directions to your vacuum right from your phone! Set a cleaning schedule for times most convenient to you and use the map management system to set specific instructions for automatic, spot, and deep cleaning for each room of your home. Set off-limit areas for the mop or vacuum, create special zones for occasional cleans, and save maps of multiple floors. | VOICE INTEGRATION SOFTWARE: You can even use the mobile app integrate your vacuum with Alexa or Google Home to enable voice commands! Just tell your virtual assistant to turn your 360 Vacuum on and let it go! | A POWERFUL, UNOBTRUSIVE CLEAN: With increased 2650Pa superior suction power, a 5200mAh battery lasting up to 3 hours, and the Patented Ambient Noise Whispering dual noise reduction design, the 360 S9 gives your floor a truly deep clean with no hassle, and no strain on your ears. Give your robot vacuum a friendly face with one of our decals and let it get to work making your home a cleaner, happier place.